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As a first time user, I wish I had this (delux) kit way befor now, It is first class and makes short work of putting lines over trees, branches, etc.
Well made and comes in a (delux)black carry and storage Bag that keeps everything including "the extras" safe clean and secure. I was abit taken back as I thought the kit was a little pricey but after I unpacked it and took it for a spin, I was glad that I bought it. Shipping was quick and it was packed well.
Mike, N7ZGO

Well the gadget showed up at my NJ QTH on Friday, and on Sat morning I was out taking care of business. I had to put a line into a narrow area (triangle) about 40' up, to pull down a broken line that had got caught in a tree. Worked like a charm. I think one of the best parts of the whole system is the weight design. With everything the same, a different weight ( larger, or different shape) might not work nearly as well.
Anyway, bravo, now everything is back to normal.

Wow, this thing is great!!! I've been able to put up loops, dipoles, & wires w/o trouble + much Faster !! Great product

-- Rick


Wanted to let you folks know that I had received my EZ Hang in good condition and what a GREAT Product you have!
I got my Carolina Windom up in the trees in half of the time it normally would have taken with the old "toss and pray" method.
Great idea and great product, I'm a happy customer and will recommend others to your website.
--Tony Davis, Pensacola, FL.

Hi - just finished using your product this last weekend to put up my first out-door antenna, and I wanted to let you know how pleased I was with every aspect of the experience. Your product is really just perfect for the job! Everything was easy and effective.
--Barrett Milliken

I bought an EZ hang at the Dayton Hamvention this year. I have some trees which proved to be 85 feet high, which I will use for a 160 meter flat-top. On my third try, I put the wire over the topmost branch, exactly where I imagined it should go.
I know of no other way I could have managed this, and am perfectly delighted.
Thanks for building these gadgets!

I recently purchased an EZ-Hang. I was surprised at how fast you processed my order. I live in the San Bernardino mountains of Southern California. My property has many Ponderosa Pine trees that are in excess of 100 feet. I want to thank you for sending me the extra Intermediate Line Dispenser rope and the 5 extra weights. They proved to be vital components of my antenna raising. I especially enjoy the ease of being able to retrieve the fishing line after each toss. I used to use the "bow-and-arrow" method and I used to have to throw the fishing line away. I feel that your products are competitively priced and I would recommend them to anyone.
 --Mike Hindson

It arrived and I have never had an antenna go up so easy and so quick
I am no sharpshooter but three shots and three limbs exactly where I pointed it!
Thanks for a great product.

I received my EZ Hang at noon today and had my B&W folded dipole up where it should be that very afternoon. The center of my antenna is supported at the 50 foot level by my tower. But no longer is it a folded dipole in an inverted V configuration, it is now a real flattop. After a few practice tries I had my antenna right where I wanted it with the ends a full 50 feet up in two tall trees. Thank you very much for a product that really works.

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